We are carrying out God the Father’s desire to provide a permanent home for children, abandoned by parents by bring them up in a loving, nurturing and kindly environment, to heal them from hurts caused from their past and provide them with the opportunity to succeed in life and reach their full potential.

There are two homes, one for  girls  situated in Gonawela, Kelaniya with 21 girls and the boys home is located in Pamunagama, Ja-Ela with 22 boys. We have a total of 43 kids under our care. Both homes have 22 full time care givers.

The care givers are there effectively as parents to the children each being given responsibility for certain age groups. All the care givers live at Rainbow House and are present almost twenty four hours a day, seven days a week, but it is evident that this is not just a ‘job’ to them, they have a real Love for these children.

The home not only gives hope and provide opportunity to these children sadly abandoned by their parents but also to the carers.

Many of the wonderful women who care for the children have also had very difficult lives, with little or no opportunity to develop themselves. The home also provides them with a second chance, funding  and providing further education and training in areas such as; nursing, teaching, child minding, dress making, cooking  and more.

It is wonderful to hear  the children in their praise and worship times.

It is also wonderful to get to know their unique characters  and find out what sweet, affectionate, fun loving children they are who give out so much love to each other, their care givers and to who ever takes time  off to be with them.

You will consider it worth the while that you made a decision to put a smile on the face of these little ones  and you will most certainly cherish your involvement with the Rainbow kids and that you perceived the real meaning of  Christmas, – “it is more blessed to give than to receive”